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Zombie Infestation: Strain 116

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Trapped with a Zombie Infestation! Strain 116 has been released and infecting those who have come in contact. Exploring the dark and eerie confines of an abandoned bomb shelter, you must make you way to the deepest level, kill the carrier of the alien strain, and get out alive. It is believed that the carrier holds the key to Strain 116, killing it will hopefully contain the spread of this infection!

Game Comments

  • this game is scary ahhh sike im just fucking whith you it sucks dont play this fucking retarted game it is a piece of shit

    savannadillow1 1 year ago
  • this game is ok

    deathraider101 2 years ago
  • this game seem sick awesome.

    alexisrule11 3 years ago
  • this sucks

    redleader1 3 years ago
  • Its crap theres nothing to pick up just an UZI

    PowerfulHorde 4 years ago
  • fuck it it is suck

    amadonwest 4 years ago
  • this game blows it sucks

    yungtae13 4 years ago
This game doesn't support highscores

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