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Frequently Asked Questions

GameZombie FAQ

Welcome to Game Zombie! A website designed for all those gamers, who enjoy free online zombie games. Here you will find a collection of the best zombie-related flash games, you can play all for free, at your own leisure within your web browser.

Minimum System Requirements
There is no minimum to play; it will just depend on the game you are trying to run.

→ Screen Resolution is best view at 1024x768+

→ GameZombie is best experienced on a high speed internet connection such as DSL.

→ On all browsers, you should have JavaScript enabled and cookies allowed.

→ You will require a web-browser with the browser Plug-in: Flash 8.0+, we recommend you download the latest versions.

Flash Player required
To get started all your need is the Flash Plugin to enable playing our free flash games. This plugin is extremely popular and well known to enable richer and a more immersive user experiences on most common web browsers. Install the latest version if you haven't already got it, then you can come back to GameZombie and enjoy online gaming whenever you like!

Why does a game not display or I just see a blank screen?
Some games are large in size and could take a while to load, depending on your connection speed. While the game is loading it may just display a white or black screen, just give them some time. Most games will have a progress bar and may display an advert while loading. Please be patient, because in general those games come with better graphic quality! If it still seems stuck after a while, try refreshing the page which will reload it.

Can I submit my high scores?
Some of the games will let you submit your high score upon completion or on the game over screen, this will vary depending on the game.

Is there a way to save my game?
Again this will depend on the game; unfortunately most flash games will not have this feature. Games without a save feature are normally short enough to complete in one sitting and still have the pause option if you wish to take a break.