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Play Plants vs Zombies Online! Zombies are attempting to invade your home. They are wandering on the backyard and almost at your doorstep. Grow crops of zombie zapping plants in order to defend your place from being overrun. Stay off my lawn zombie! Enjoy this extremely popular game, try out the online version for free.

Game Comments


    Seok han 6 months ago
  • love it sooooooooooo much

    lilcoolkid111 7 months ago
  • vo kg dc

    lan 1 year ago

    deathraider101 2 years ago
  • The games working again, I asked the admin :)

    Gamester 2 years ago
  • let me play!!!

    christian 2 years ago
  • its awesome

    redleader1 3 years ago
  • great game

    tyjaquan 3 years ago
  • its sweet ass shit

    kenneth blackwell 3 years ago
  • game nya mana

    alfiatun 3 years ago
  • ini game keren se dunia bngt bagi gw

    chintocen097 3 years ago
  • fun and addicting game

    4 years ago
  • gemes nya bagus loh tolong infit teman

    devanmst 4 years ago
  • ada yang lain ga si yang sejenis ini ?

    REGITA 4 years ago
  • i cant even load the game properly -.-

    debski 4 years ago
  • i finished it in 1 day

    kree12345 4 years ago
  • i hate this game

    adi mussalam 4 years ago
  • lalala

    adi mussalam 4 years ago
  • I am playing on my tab lit but it is fun

    fatjoe 4 years ago
  • hi

    suryama95 4 years ago
  • hi

    suryama95 4 years ago
  • bannana

    rex 4 years ago
  • it's a cool game

    wezer123 4 years ago
  • penat nak matikan zombieee ...

    orang gila 4 years ago
  • hm ... pnat nk mnanam !

    iqa eriqa 4 years ago
  • man this thing is crazzy

    doris 4 years ago
  • cara maain gaaame zzombie gimaaaana

    ttokam 4 years ago
  • cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    zombie 4 years ago
  • wow so cool lots and lots of fun :) from rian04

    rian04 4 years ago
  • Great game, lots of fun :)

    Gamester 4 years ago
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