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Play Earn to Die 2012, a driving distance game following up from the popular original Earn to Die. After narrowly escaping the wasteland in a helicopter, you made a crash landing after running out of fuel. It's time to find another vehicle and upgrade it again to survive. Smash through zombies as you drive your way through a zombie apocalypse. Earn cash to buy new parts, armor and weapons for your vehicle. With even more zombies, vehicles unlocks and rewards, it's back with vengeance. Escape the zombie invasion once again and reach those next safe houses! Use the ARROW KEYS to drive and "X" to use nitro.

Game Comments

  • I just finshed the was so easy

    2 weeks ago
  • falskin

    swa5846 1 month ago
  • fhuck this

    anwaarmonir 1 month ago
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    jess 2 months ago
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    jess 2 months ago
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    basil 2 months ago
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    basil 2 months ago
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    stiven 2 months ago
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    parcody17 3 months ago
  • its good

    parcody17 3 months ago
  • This games ace!

    Haunted Soul Of The Night 3 months ago
  • i love this so it is so awesome play it evryday and night on my iphone4s

    cuteypie1 4 months ago
  • this game is excellent

    Benny 5 months ago
  • better than 2013

    trizden 5 months ago
  • yay. sarcastic

    ksb02 5 months ago
  • i love this and yea boyz i am a girl

    killer tay tay 5 months ago
  • awesome game wwwooooo

    andysmith 5 months ago
  • one of the best games i ever played

    kooliced1409 5 months ago
  • hi this is my fav game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please have fun playin :)

    nick kill zombiez 6 months ago
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    zammo99 6 months ago
  • is this a good game or what

    wezer123 6 months ago

    demontez1441 7 months ago

    crstal1 8 months ago
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    jack667 8 months ago
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    poppypig 9 months ago
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    poppyu 9 months ago
  • The Official Home of all the Earn To Die Games

    jonjosmith 9 months ago
  • this game is better than 3

    littledude 9 months ago
  • Addictive game, can't stop replaying this!

    Gamester 10 months ago
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    gabedhon 10 months ago
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    gabedhon 10 months ago
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