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Desolation 2 - The Bunker of Fear

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In Desolation, you were assigned a simple task, rid a design company of some pests and you showed up with you bag of tricks and bug killer as the bug exterminator. Little did you know that it was more than just a cockroach infestation. Desolation 2 - The Bunker of Fear ratchets up the scare factor by about 20 as you just can't see anyone. Try to survive this intense horror online game! So, you do have a Glock and 14 shots for protection, as well as an empty assault rifle, However, where the heck are the Zombies? Everywhere you look you see they have been there, but you just can't see them in the semi-darkness. You also know they are there because you can feel them present, but are they really there? Or are they just playing with you? Zombies, it seems, are smarter than anyone thinks and maybe that's why when you hit them you have to make sure you put a shot through the brain. Desolation 2 is about as scary as it gets. And, you can see just how far the Zombie games have come since the days of the old Atari-style Zombies that swarmed all over you as you were firing at everything that moves. Now, you are seeking anything that moves just to put a bullet into it. Don't look now, but they are probably behind you.

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