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Road of the Dead

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In Road of the Dead, most of the city is infected with ZOMBIES, so get into the driving action now with this insane zombie killing racing game. There has been a zombie virus outbreak and the dead are rising back up. The military has quarantined the entire city and issued a warning to stay inside. But you want to leave, don’t you? You’ll be doomed just sitting around, get the hell out of there! Get a car and hit the road and DRIVE your way out. Take on the role of a mechanic who is attempting to escape, upgrade your vehicle and race away. Run the undead down and shoot them off your vehicle before they break through. The window wipers might help to clear some of the blood off! Avoid hitting upturned vehicles or still alive civilians. The army doesn’t approve you trying to escape and will be hot on your tail too! They will try to stop you by shooting with everything they’re got. Use “W, A, S, D” keys to control the car, Mouse to shoot, Space bar to brake, “E” key to horn and “R” to use windshield wiper. Go racing through the Road of the Dead!

Game Comments

  • 0000000000 00 000OO00 00000000 00000

    garda the zero 1 month ago

    garda the zero 1 month ago
  • add me to be friend please

    garda the zero 1 month ago
  • wow real driving

    garda the zero 1 month ago
  • mine is a tough game for the first time

    mk3528039 2 months ago

    sukruth 2 months ago
  • good

    rokydhruv10 3 months ago
  • I LOVE THIS GAME and also LOVE ZOMBIES!!!!!!! m/

    XxzombiekillerxX 4 months ago
  • Gu Rockkkkk

    GU ROCK 4 months ago
  • ahhhhhhhhhhh a zombie's butt made me die! and i thought being sat on by a fat guy by accident was bad LOL

    KittyCanKickAss 5 months ago
  • am i seriously the ONLY girl here? GAWD now THAT is embarrassing! girls need to appreciate the deadness of an undead zombie or is it...damn confusing. :'( i wish i would take zombies to LA or vegas and marry them

    KittyCanKickAss 5 months ago
  • I love how much gore there is in this game.

    5 months ago
  • this game is so cool

    nicko10 6 months ago
  • ow dem is my fuck

    devanmst 6 months ago
  • so cool man is game hard

    devanmst 6 months ago
  • Best zombie/driving game I've ever played.

    2099 6 months ago
  • YOLO

    zombie101 7 months ago
  • I like game

    hotmanfrofesor 7 months ago

    fian12 7 months ago
  • guh guh guh guh nyaaaaahhhh!!! yup, a good game.

    asdfsniperknife 8 months ago
  • good game

    ipingpogi 8 months ago
  • It Is A Great Game Because You Can Kill Zombies And People as well.

    SmithJamie4856 9 months ago
  • now that's a good game!

    wissem 9 months ago
  • Nice game

    Survivor 9 months ago
  • awesome

    evilmaster01 9 months ago
  • Great.. :*

    Angel 9 months ago
  • love it

    evilmaster01 9 months ago
  • nice game i like this game

    hamza 10 months ago
  • It fun

    maxnakrub 10 months ago
  • alsonowasthebomb

    micheal 10 months ago
  • coolblooded

    micheal 10 months ago
  • why does black magic curse me with this game I use to play toonds of games but cents I found this this game would not let me leave

    micheal 10 months ago

    daddygirl1 10 months ago
  • loading now because i put it on my screen oo i got to play by

    micheal 10 months ago
  • this games is sweet i love it so much that ill play this forever

    micheal 10 months ago
  • this games is so cool but not cooler than cody of duty black opps and 2 and resideit evil 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    micheal 11 months ago
  • loading now

    hendra 11 months ago
  • Nice

    BubbleGumme 12 months ago
  • I am a girl and I love this game. >.<

    ReganKidz 1 year ago
  • whooow is this game is cool

    John Creasman 1 year ago
  • Ikr

    BubbleGumme 1 year ago
  • i have never played this before (is it fun)?

    zombie200 1 year ago
  • Lol chuck sucks :P

    BubbleGumme 1 year ago
  • epic game

    BubbleGumme 1 year ago
  • cool blood

    kingx 1 year ago
  • sweet

    wezer123 1 year ago
  • but splat

    riley 1 year ago

    Arx11 1 year ago
  • I love this game

    riley 1 year ago
  • This game cracks me up. It's mad fun to play

    BeardLovingGinger 1 year ago
  • i ,m zoz

    ZOZ 1 year ago
  • hey

    ZOZ 1 year ago
  • hey

    zombie 1 year ago

    thezombie123 1 year ago
  • hy ada yang mau

    ujang123 1 year ago
  • this game is awsome

    paulthecool080 1 year ago
  • Awesome game, one of my all time favs!

    Gamester 1 year ago
  • hi

    verrill 1 year ago
  • hey

    evontrezdon 1 year ago
  • sup

    TanejaPorter 1 year ago
  • cool game!

    jacksondhon 1 year ago

    jacksondhon 1 year ago

    jacksondhon 1 year ago
  • hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    gabedhon 1 year ago
  • hey guest

    gabedhon 1 year ago
  • b

    zamarquiousdhon 1 year ago
  • hey

    gabedhon 1 year ago
  • its ok

    321jayonna 1 year ago
  • your not about that life

    zombie slayer 46 1 year ago
  • this game is sick

    ANTHONY 1 year ago
  • Good for you tiernan

    jonathan Rennie 1 year ago
  • this game is cool

    tiernan231 2 years ago
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