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Zombies Ate My Phone

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In this Zombies Ate My Phone action flash game about killing zombies with a fire extinguisher, record discs, guitar, etc you get to play the role of some guy who somehow loves killing zombies. Somehow, he received lots of calls for help and you as the player must decide which friend to save.

Game Comments

  • very good games

    Victoria 2 years ago
  • I love this game! I played it on another site and completed it

    Madlib123 2 years ago
  • this game is awesome

    killshot 3 years ago
  • Great! Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Isyraq Sabrina 3 years ago
  • very good

    nightfury 3 years ago

    3 years ago
  • zombie ate my shirt

    garda the zero 3 years ago
  • awsome shit

    phenoxx07 4 years ago
  • ok so a fire extwisher can save me in a z apomzix

    blizzardthezombie 4 years ago
  • awesome!

    RIP zombies 5 years ago
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