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Zombie Situation

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Seems we have a major Zombie Situation on our hands? Play the role of Jack, searching for his wife Sarah, in the middle of a zombie invasion. Reports are coming in that the town of Gren Rock is under attack by flesh eating creatures! The whole town is infected with the undead. Your girl previously went to the store to pick up the groceries and is now trapped, you must save her! Grab various weapons and upgrades, get the assistance of survivors, and fight through waves of zombies and boss fight. The situation just got personal in this shooting defense and rescue game!

Game Comments

  • soooo fun

    lilcoolkid111 9 months ago
  • This game gets boring after awil

    Zombieslayer76 3 years ago
  • Not bad people the game is good

    leftas 4 years ago
  • Awesome fun game, even has Marry Poppins infected as a zombie?!?!?!!!

    Gamester 4 years ago
This game doesn't support highscores

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