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Zombies Took My Daughter, got to get her back! In another riff on Zombie justice, we find a father who is after his daughter. His daughter has just been kidnapped by some creepy virus-infected not quite dead, but not quite alive bunch of things that would like nothing better than to dine on a human tonight. That human would be the daughter Daddy is ranting about. He has a variety of weapons at his disposal and has the advantage of surprise. The key question that our stealthy father has to answer is whether he can get to his daughter within 36 hours or, unfortunately, daughter will become Zombie kibble and, in fact, she may just become one of the undead infected herself! The government is planning to nuke the entire city, so race to find and save her. Tune in tomorrow to see if there's a happy family reunion or just a daughter munching on Daddy's arm.

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