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Enough of the easy stuff, bring them on, we're ready for SAS Zombie Assault 3. Grab some friends for up to 4 player co-op multiplayer or play solo if you dare, in this sequel to one of the best zombie shooters. Fight off the hordes of the undead in the awesome SAS: Zombie Assault series. This massive update brings you many new game modes, elite ranks selectable maps and a whole bunch of new guns and skills! Complete missions on different maps to earn money and experience points. Leveling up will give you new skills and grant you access to better weapons.

Game Comments

  • This game is tight

    IceBlazer 3 years ago
  • it take so long to load tht zombie game. Erggh -Feeling Angry

    Isyraq Sabrina 3 years ago
  • how do i save?

    demonslayer441 3 years ago
  • sda

    fionna 3 years ago
  • hate this game so boring. you should play rise of the death 3

    viper 3 years ago
  • love it

    thenoobforwar1234 4 years ago
  • i finish sas1,2 game and iam going to finish sas3

    saher 4 years ago
  • awsome game

    saher 4 years ago
  • loading is hard

    devanmst 4 years ago
  • this game takes a long time to load in single player which is not that good for me and people follow me on twitter @ jasonscales# livestream

    4 years ago
  • so scary but i like it

    Suta Adiguna 4 years ago
  • omg sooooo good

    sgilb56 4 years ago
  • takes forever to load online multiplayer...

    asdfsniperknife 4 years ago
  • this game

    basil 4 years ago
  • weri goooooooooooood

    Demon 4 years ago
  • same

    evilmaster01 4 years ago
  • I love this game

    sonsofguns78 4 years ago
  • awesome game

    AnDrewTheGr3aT 4 years ago
  • love this game

    kaleb9975 4 years ago
  • love his game

    kaleb9975 4 years ago
  • yolo swag finished game

    evilmaster01 4 years ago
  • derp

    Slaya 4 years ago
  • penis

    Slaya 4 years ago
  • awesome game

    evilmaster01 4 years ago
  • best zombie assault yet it's epicly awesome

    ZOMBIECOW15 4 years ago
  • ?

    gumball 4 years ago
  • great game :)

    gumball 4 years ago
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