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Suddenly Zombies

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Suddenly Zombies - play this survival game, trying to stay alive in an zombie infested city. Run and gun down the streets, play smart and don't let those zombie hordes swarm you! Search any building, some are occupied by survivors who may buy and sell items, others are occupied by zombies. Loot cars, cabinets and such for food, ammunition, water and lock-picks. Overall just try stay alive! This game, Suddenly Zombies, has been developed by Podbot.

Game Comments

  • hi321123 wan a be friends

    phoenixvip 3 years ago
  • thanks

    phoenixvip 3 years ago
  • Press " i " to open inventory

    hi321123 3 years ago
  • how do you eat and drink wen I press tab it gust pauses the game if you can tell me it would be very helpfole

    phoenixvip 3 years ago
  • this game iz coooooooool

    jakekilla1234 3 years ago
  • badass

    TJBADBOY 4 years ago
  • this is crap and the zombies are to hard

    PowerfulHorde 4 years ago
  • This game is pure BS.

    2099 4 years ago
  • zombies are too fast and weapon has shit accuracy terrible

    juggernaut341 4 years ago
  • ill try it :)

    nick kill zombiez 4 years ago
This game doesn't support highscores

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