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The Last Stand

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There's a nasty virus running amok through the world, leaving hundreds of zombies in its wake, the undead virus. And, the only thing you know at the start is that you are not a Zombie, yet. In The Last Stand, it's you against the Zombies. You have to think quickly; keep the fence up and your firing rate, while you hit the Zombies in the right spots to keep from becoming one of them from breaching your fence. This free online game combines keyboard and mouse work so you can move around and keep up your rate of fire. That's the only thing that will save you from becoming “one of them.” Your weapons vary from shotguns to pistols and about the only thing you can do is pour the fire into them or else they'll swarm all over you. You can win but your aim has to be right on the mark. Aim quick and true, taking them out with head shots. It's touch-and-go from the instant you start as you have to keep up your fire rate without wasting your ammo.

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