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Undead Highway

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You're on the Undead Highway, play the role of a lone apocalypse survivor blasting away terrifying zombies. However, if you are looking for safety and you're on the Undead Highway, you had better move it because you don't have much time. Send those zombie creeps back to the underworld by finding junk and assembling it into deadly weapons. Sure, you have a variety of weapons at our choice – but those Zombies multiply faster than a bunch of pregnant mice. Zombies just don't have good road manners. They're all over you and even with good shooting, the chances that you'll make a safe passage to the human refuge are two: slim and none. There's some survivors holding out in a place called Haven Island. Kill those zombies, find the car keys and get to the vehicle to escape from this hell hole of an undead highway to find the safe haven!

Game Comments

  • good games fuck yah

    jim321 1 year ago
  • good gan

    jim321 1 year ago

    AKSHAY PANDEY 1 year ago
  • but - autofill, so annyoing

    Shadow47 2 years ago
  • its Rubbish but you cant move and shoot, you cant even shoot until 5 seconds after you stop moving

    Shadow47 2 years ago
  • nice

    jt95 2 years ago
  • yayy

    Charizard111 2 years ago
  • this game FUCKEN SUCKS!!!!!!!

    redleader1 2 years ago
  • Hi

    redleader1 3 years ago
  • here i am

    tyjaquan 3 years ago
  • where are the keys and how many cars is he going to get thourg!

    sharkman4848 4 years ago
  • ow siddd fuck you zbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    devanmst 4 years ago
  • fuckkkkkkk

    amadonwest 4 years ago
  • fucked up its to hard

    kree12345 4 years ago
  • this game rocks

    basil 4 years ago
  • cool

    wezer123 4 years ago
  • cool

    riley 4 years ago
  • this is cool

    roland3000 4 years ago
  • yeah i dink to dud e

    5 years ago

    jacksondhon 5 years ago
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