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Rebuild 2

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In Rebuild 2, try to reclaim the city back from the zombies and expand your safe zone. On the move, running from those things, those monsters which use to be human. Take the lessons we learned in rebuilding the last city and applied them to Toronto. Surrounded with zombies at every turn, but we have learned how to deal with them, even with low supplies. From the ashes will another city start to rise? All it has taken is good management. We're prepared to do what it takes to reclaim this place in the name of humanity! Today, we begin to rebuild.

Game Comments

  • good game

    4poppycorn123 1 year ago
  • This is a 10 star game

    knighteagle027 1 year ago
  • nice 10 star

    jt95 2 years ago
  • this is realy cool game i raally love this game

    zomibe boe 3 years ago
  • this is realy cool

    garda the zero 3 years ago
  • this game is really epic!!!!!!!

    MinecraftFlag35 3 years ago
  • is just think this game is just.........REALLY EPIC!!!!!

    4 years ago
  • I love this game

    zammo99 4 years ago
  • I Think I Like Rebuild 1 Better :)

    Harry Burkitt 4 years ago
  • Great game

    Lmanx25 4 years ago
  • loved it.can't wait for rebuild:gangs of deadsville

    General Peeps 4 years ago
  • yay

    zammo99 4 years ago
  • awsomest game ever

    zammo99 4 years ago
  • soooooooooooooooooo fun

    ace360 4 years ago
  • this game is unreal like BO2

    earick 5 years ago
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