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We Are Legend: Arockalypse

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Oh yeah, We Are Legend! Rock out on the guitar slaying zombies in this guitar hero styled zombie killing game. In Arockalypse, you rock out throwing the living undead into spinning lawn mower blades to the rhythm timing of the guitar, feed them to your pet hyena, or let your drummer saw them in half with his chainsaw. Start out on the training wheels to learn the ropes. Just like Guitar Hero, you can hold down the buttons as long as you want, they won't fire off until you hit the space bar. Use this to your advantage and get ready for the zombies as they approach. Build your righteous bar up by slaying those zombies. Hold Q,W,E,R,T,Y keys to set your zombie traps, press the SPACE BAR to fire them. Press ALT to unleash your righteous guitar-playing skills (once you've charged them up). Press TAB to convert session combo points to Righteousness. Rock on!

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