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Days 2 Die: The Other Side

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Continue counting down the Days 2 Die, in this highly popular zombie shooter sequel - Days 2 Die: The Other Side. Take the role of a top shot on one of the world's hottest swat teams. You find yourself dropped on the streets in the middle of an insane zombie outbreak. When zombies come at you furiously from all directions and there are just too many of the virus-infected living dead, there's really only one outcome – kill or you’re going to become part of the diet of a bunch of really violent zombies. Your sister too must be somewhere stuck in the middle of all of this. Now your on a mission to save her from this zombie massacre before it's too late.

Game Comments

  • best game ever

    jt95 2 years ago

    Jakeman316 2 years ago
  • this is survival game real awesome

    garda the zero 3 years ago
  • thsi sucks balls

    sharkman4848 4 years ago
  • hi i'm new can you give me some hints?

    sharkman4848 4 years ago
  • i cant find the gassoline

    danthebeast 4 years ago
  • that picture on the front made me feel i just had to play

    danthebeast 4 years ago
  • its a hard game but very addicting 4/5

    4 years ago
  • fuck the zombie if it was alive

    amadonwest 4 years ago
  • fuck this i love it bitchis

    amadonwest 4 years ago
  • ya mother fucker

    kooliced1409 4 years ago
  • fecking tank

    amirulmukminlol 4 years ago
  • hardcore kill game cool and awesome gun but is hardcore

    amirulmukminlol 4 years ago
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