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In this online role playing game, Sonny, you where once a human but not any more. As a human, you where killed on a ship, now with little memory of what had happened, you awaken as a zombie! Louis the blind has saved Sonny's life or what's left of it. He might be blind, but has a wicked smell. He teaches Sonny how to defend himself and advises him on what to do to survive on the battlefield. The gameplay action takes place Final Fantasy style, turn based battles, with a great story line to back it up. Sonny is set in a world with a vast array of technology and mental disciplines. You can use a variety of clubs, swords, rifles, staffs, magic, and more in combat, as well as utilizing a great number of specialized physical and mental attacks. Much of the world has been overrun with zombies, therefore the ZPCI (Zombie Pest Control Incorporated) was formed. Now since your a zombie too, they will hunt you down.

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