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Desolation - The Stages Of Anxiety

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In Desolation, you play as a bug exterminator called in for pest control for a company but left wondering where is everyone? You have a map and your assignment to get rid of the bugs infestation in the place. However, there's no one there or is there. Maybe it's not just mice and cockroaches behind the walls after all. Something major has happened, there's blood all over the place. Have the Zombies gotten everyone or are they just hiding behind things waiting for you? There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason. You can pick up some extras for your inventory as you go along, but you never find anyone. How can it happen that everyone at a company just disappears. It is impossible, right? But, what is that behind you? You turn around and look and there's nothing there. What happens when you turn on the lights? Is it just more desolation or is there something more sinister going on? You will just have to play Desolation and find out for yourself!

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