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The Last Stand 2

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In The Last Stand 2, the undead virus is still spreading through the world, taking more and more victims. They want to eat your brains, so you have a slight problem! Try stay alive, find more weaponry and fire prodigiously into the mass of Zombies who are trying to get through your fence. And now they are sending in the dog. The only hope you have of surviving this online zombie game is hitting the Zombies where they – well sort of – live. They're not dead or alive, but they still have a taste for anything living and human. Just remember, don't run out of ammunition because if your do, you are going to end up Zombie kibble, especially if the Zombie dogs break through your wall. If you like blasting hordes of undead, slightly grungy people then this is a game you will like. About the only thing we didn't like was not being able to change weapons when our pistol ran out of ammo. We knew it would be over soon, but you have to fight on in The Last Stand flash game series.

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